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EYE poker analyzer
2013-06-01 18:43

      A company should have its own product. EYE electronic also has its own factory to produce cheating device. Poker analyzer is one of the most important products that we produce. The analyzer can be used playing Texas Omaha hold'em, Blackjack, Show hand, Pai Gow, and other poker games in the world. If the analyzer has no program suits for you, you can also tell us the rules of yours to order one.

      Poker analyzer has different differentiate according to its receive wave band. There are mainly 4 kinds of poker analyzer in the world. AKK analyzer, MDA analyzer, GPS analyzer and others. AKK analyzer should use AKK lens to match if the lens' wave band can not shift. MDA analyzer should use MDA lens to match, also if the wave band can not be shift. GPS can both use lens for AKK and MDA. And others should use special lens for it.

      EYE spend a lot to research on poker analyzer in order to output more useful stuff to poker gamblers. AKK K1 professional Ver. is the latest analyzer with strong signal, fast responsion. One can adjust the players by remote when you want. It is smaller than all analyzer and can work with extra power. 

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