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Lighter camera lens system for Omaha
2015-10-10 13:54
How to win Omaha poker game easily and safely? If you have one kind of helpful poker cheat devices, you can win this kind of poker game in an easy way. The lighter camera lens system can help you realize your dream.
Lighter camera lens system includes a poker analyzer, a lighter camera lens, a deck of barcode marked cards, an earphone, a remote control and other parts. This is a safe and reliable poker cheating system for cheating Omaha. Before cheating poker game, you just need to put the special lighter on the table, and put the poker analyzer inside your pocket and then turn on them. All things are ready! The camera lens would scan barcode marked cards and then sends the barcode image to poker analyzer. In the end, you will hear the game result with the earphone. There is a remote control for setting the number of poker players. And you can set the type of poker game result, such as the biggest winner, the rank of all poker players, the first winner and the second winner.
There are many kinds of poker cheat devices in our company. If you want to buy one kind of poker cheat devices to suit your poker cheat, please don’t hesitate to contact us by Skype or send email to us!
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