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Custom water dispenser lenses for you
2015-10-26 11:05
The camera lens can be fixed inside many places like lighter, car key, water dispenser, wall picture and other kinds. We also have an extensive custom service to meet your further needs under different poker cheat occasions.
The custom water dispenser camera lens for poker cheating can help you cheat more successful in different cheating conditions. First of all, the camera lens for the poker analyzer can be fixed inside your water dispenser. Second, you can choose one or two camera lenses hidden inside the water dispenser. Third, the scanning distance of camera can be customized as you need. You can choose a fixed scanning figure like 4 meters, or a scanning range like 1-6 meters inline with your cheating needs. Last but not least, the poker analyzer can be set into the one to one device for your camera lens so that other readers can not the information of cards to ensure a more secret cheating.
In a word, the custom water dispenser lenses fit for any kind of poker analyzer. If you want to buy or custom it, please don’t hesitate to contact us by Skype or send email to us!
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