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Custom IR contact lenses for your needs
2015-11-02 10:42
The IR contact lenses are special for helping you see the invisible ink marks on the back of cards. Also, we have extensive customization. Now, I will share custom IR contact lenses for your poker cheat.
As we know, the IR contact lenses for reading back marked cards marks are a very simple way to cheat. In terms of customization, they can be designed in line with your many requirements. First of all, the IR contact lenses can be designed according to your eyes’ color. If you are black-eyed or green-eyed or others, we can design the lenses suitable for your eyes’ color. Second, as we know, every one’s pupil is different, so we are able to make good one for your pupil. Third, if you are shortsighted or farsighted, we also can customize perfect one pair for you. If you have any other requirements, please tell us and we can try our best to design a pair of suitable lenses for you. With the custom IR contact lenses for your poker gambling, you will master the games more successfully.
If you want to have a try, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Our company is a big company.
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