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Lowball poker cheating
2013-06-03 17:15

    Do you always play other poker games beside Texas Omaha Hold'em and Blackjack? Here I will introduce you the lowball poker and how to cheat at it.

    There are 3-7 players in the game. Intial deal is five cards to each player. The game is exactly like five card draw except you are trying to get the worst hand. The rank of the hands are the same as standard version of poker except that the lowest hand wins. This is a good game to break up the monotony of regular poker.

    More types of poker games and details will be added to this list soon. Obviously it's not comprehensive and complete but we are working to provide more details soon.

    You can cheat at the game using analyzer. It can tell you who will get the lowest poker hand, that's to say, who will win the game. And you can use monitor system to know every piece of deck that facing down. To use cheating device will help you a lot to win the gambling.

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