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Magical X-ray contact lenses
2015-11-26 09:58
X-ray contact lenses are high quality poker cheat devices that can help you cheat at different kinds of poker games. Do you want to know more about the products?
Magical X ray contact lenses are processed by good quality contact lenses. You just can see through regular poker cards directly. They don’t need to work together with any marked playing cards. These special contact lenses are different from IR contact lenses or IR sunglasses. They are convenient and safe. There are 4mm contact lenses, 6mm contact lenses, 7mm contact lenses, 9mm contact lenses and 13mm contact lenses. Of course, we have different colors of these contact lenses to fit the color of your eyes. You can choose the blue eyes contact lenses, grey eyes contact lenses, brown eyes contact lenses and other colors.
Magical X-ray contact lenses are useful and reliable. They are not possible to hurt your eyes. If you want to buy them, please don’t hesitate to contact us by Skype or send email to us!
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