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Poker cheating yellow glasses for back marked cards
2013-06-03 17:17

      Have you ever been used cheating contact lenses to cheat at poker in gambling before? With cheating contact lenses and back marked poker cards, you can see the mark clearly when the card face-down. But now most of the contact lenses are brown, if you use back marked cards for brown contact lenses, and other players also wear contact lens by chance, you may be found to cheat at the poker game. How to solve this problem? I will introduce you a new type of cheating contact lenses -- yellow contact lenes and its back marked poker cards.

      Yellow contact lenses is the latest contact lenses in the cheating field. We have both yellow sunglasses and yellow contact lenses for you to choose. When you wear yellow contact lenses, you can only see the mark that done by yellow illuminant ink, the card for brown contact lenses can not be seen. So the cards should also be changed. The cards for yellow lenses can not be seen by the lenses for brown. And there are few players use yellow contact lenses, so that it is very covert for you to play. Others with brown contact look at your cards just like look at normal cards.

      The mark can be done on both plastic and paper cards. If you feel trouble on the brown contact lenses for its invisibility, choose yellow contact lenses, best choice!  

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