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EYE poker exchanger poker converter for summer
2013-06-03 17:19

      Summer comes! It becomes hot every corner in the world. People are wearing short sleeve shirts or T-shirt here and there. If you have cheated at poker before, you may know it is hard to cheat in summer as the cloth is too thin, most of the cheating devices are hard to hide in. How to solve this problem? Is there anything better for cheating in summer? I will introduce you the latest summer poker converter for you:

      We hide a mini poker converter into the T-shirt or shirt, when others touch the cloth, they can feel nothing. You can change the poker card with it. Fast and silent. It suits for changing all kinds of poker card in the world. The shirts are in new styles, of prime quality, also have all sizes for all kinds of people, fat or thin, tall or short, old or young. The battery is changeable, you can change them if the battery using up.
      We also have a vedio to introduce the poker exchanger. If you are interested in it, please contact with us.

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