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Spy camera at dice cheating
2016-03-01 11:19
We have know the spy camera lens can be used for many kinds of poker games to monitor poker faces in advance. The spy camera can be applied to dice cheating as well. In this passage, I will share the camera for reading dice points clearly before they face up.
Unlike other dice cheating devices such as remote control dice and spy camera, the dices used with the spy camera don’t need to be processed, and the normal dices like transparent dices, bone dices or ceramic dices are available. Thus, you can operate the dice cheating in a more secret and easier way. The spy camera has been fixed inside the dice bowl or disk and other players will not suspect it at all. When you play the game, just turn on the camera and it will read the dices clearly, then will send the dice results to a TV on backstage. The dice points will be shown on screen. So you will take this good chance to make a betting or fold without any risk.
With the help of spy camera lens in your dice cheating, you are able to get more odds. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us by Skype!
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