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Powerful poker analyzer in real poker games
2016-04-25 16:49
If you are a professional poker player, you must heard about poker cheat devices like poker analyzers, IR contact lenses or sunglasses, marked cards ,mahjong cheating system, Russian roulette device, poker shoes and other kinds. Today, I will share the powerful poker analyzer in the real poker games for you.
It is powerful poker analyzer that was installed poker cheating software. The poker analyzer always works with camera lens and remote controller. You can use the remote controller to set the number of the players and start to work better. When you press the button to start it, the camera will scan barcode marked cards immediately and send the signal to poker analyzer. Once the poker analyzer receives the information, it will decode and analyze the data within 0.1s. Finally, you will hear the poker result by mini earphone.
With one powerful poker analyzer in your pocket, you will get more chances to win poker games and win a lot of money. In the course of playing marked cards, you can be fortunate to know the unveiled poker result before you have to make a bet on the game. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by Skype!
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