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Contact lenses cheating marked poker cards
2013-06-05 18:01

       Contact lenses also can be done as cheating device. You may think that contact lenses are suit for shortsighted people to improve their vision, or for young girls to make their eyes looks more beatiful. But more and more gamblers like using it to cheat at poker. The poker cards are marked on the back with special ink, and the mark can not be seen by nake eye. Only with the cheating contact lenses, you can see.

       There are two kinds of contact lenses in cheating field. One of them is brown color contact lenses. This kind of lenses is come out for many years ago, and some of the gamblers may know it, it is not so conceal. The other is yellow contact lenses, this kind of lenses is come out for about one year, and less would know it. The mark for yellow contact lenses can not be seen by the contact lens that with brown color or other cheating devices. So it is very conceal for you to cheat at.

       Cheating contact lenses are widely used in the poker cheating area, and it is very flexible wherever you use. Wear easy, invisible, one to one can be seen... The first choice for you!

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