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Wall picture camera for poker cheat
2016-09-08 16:22
In the casino, a lot of people are crazy playing poker games. But do you know there are many cheaters around you? If you have not found, it is said that cheaters have useful and safe poker cheat devices and no one will find any risk. So that you would inadvertently lose a lot of money. Today, I tell you that the wall picture also can be become a poker cheat devices. You would think it is amaze thing, but it is right.
We fix a HD camera lens inside the wall picture and then it has become a useful gambling poker cheating camera lens. The wall picture poker camera lens can scan 1.5m range and it scans barcode marks on marked cards at a maximum distance 150cm.When the poker game starts, the camera lens will send the signal to poker analyzer, and the poker analyzer will receive and decoding the information. Finally, your partner will tell you poker game result, and you will hear the poker result by an earphone. Importapoker cheatntly, if you choose the wall picture as a poker cheat device, you also need to have a remote controller, a TV, an earphone, a poker analyzer and transmitters.
Also, you can use different kinds of poker analyzers to match your cameras like V68 poker analyzer, MDA poker analyzer, K20 poker analyzer, K30 poker analyzer, CVK350 poker analyzer and so on. These poker analyzers have Chinese language, Russian language and English language versions.
Our company can offer too much poker cheat devices for you, such as poker analyzers, poker shoes, card shufflers, camera lenses, IR contact lenses or sunglasses and so on. Also, custom-make poker cheat devices are available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by Skype!
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