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100% Plastic KEM Arrow Marked Playing Cards Black & Gold
2016-10-18 16:25
As a professional cards marking company, the KEM cards can be specially designed as the marked cards for poker cheating. In this paper, I will share our brand new KEM marked playing cards of black and gold decks with you at poker gambling cheat. 
A set-up KEM marked cards consists of one black deck and one gold deck, which is 100% cellulose acetate plastic. These marked cards supplied in our company contain no vinyl, which is the raw material to make plastic playing cards.The dimensions of the marked cards are 2-1/4 inches wide x 3-1/2 inches tall (Bridge Size).
Even processed, the KEM marked playing cards can handle the wear and tear under harsh poker playing conditions, which can stand all tests against cracking, breaking, fading or any other quality issues you may experience. With high performance, they will last longer, shuffle better, and deal in such a manner that you will never want to play with any other brand of pokers again.  
In order to offer you cheat in different and secret way, we have developed three types of KEM marked playing cards for poker gambling cheat: KEM back marked cards for IR/UV readers reading, KEM barcode marked cards for poker analyzers and KEM back marked cards read by spy camera lenses. 
KEM Back Marked Playing Cards for IR/ UV Readers 
Printed with the luminous marks on back, the KEM back marked playing cards are for cheating secretly with the IR/UV readers. The readers can be IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact lenses and UV sunglasses. The marks indicating suits and values can be read clearly from these readers. When you play the game with these devices, there is no any problem for you to know the poker face of next card easily. As for contact lenses, they are best devices for reading the KEM back marked cards. With good concealment, they will not change your eyes’ color much. Besides, these contact lenses  will not bring side effect to your eyes when you wear them for a long time. There are different diameters of lenses for your multi-choices: from 4mm to 12 mm so that it is available for you to choose suitable one at games. With the help of these tools, the games will be easily mastered under your control.
KEM Barcode Marked Playing Cards for Poker Analyzers 
The KEM barcode marked cards are special for camera lens reading and poker analyzer decoding. They are printed with the invisible bar codes on edges. Our naked eyes and IR/UV contact lenses fail to read them. Even marked, they still keep good hand feel and great shape as new brand of pokers. When you play games with them, nobody will find any clue from those cards. Used at cheating, they need to work with a camera lens and a poker analyzer. Usually, we will design the camera as a car key, a lighter or a cell phone, so other players will pay attention to it. After the camera reads these marked cards, it will send the card’s information to the poker analyzer which is powerful to analyze the poker result you need within 0.1S. With this good chance to know the result you need, you will play as well as you can. 
KEM Back Marked Playing Cards for Spy Camera Lenses 
The KEM back marked playing cards specially designed to be read by the spy camera lenses can not be recognized from the IR/UV readers or analyzer camera lenses. Used for gamble cheat, they will be read by the spy camera clearly and then the transmitter will send their information to a TV on background. From screen, the marks on cards will be shown clearly. Knowing the poker face as you need, you will have ability to make a confident betting or fold sensibly. At the end of the game, you will find that winning has been enhanced strongly. 
The KEM marked cards enable you to catch winning chances to the largest extent. In addition to the finished products, we accept special customization about these cards, and we will try our best to meet your needs perfectly. Besides, we have other colors decks for processing like red and blue. Please contact us for further information if you are interested in them!
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