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K20 Gambling Analyzer
2016-10-20 17:37

Poker analyzer is the best device for cheating at different poker games. Our company sells different poker analyzers. K20 gambling analyzer is one of the useful devices. It can be used for cheating at many poker games. If you want to win a lot of money, maybe you can try to use this product.
K20 Poker Analyzer Could Be Cheated At Different Games
K20 poker analyzer is also a real cell phone. And it is the old version Iphone. When you look at this product, it has not any difference on the surface. This analyzer is for analyzing the barcode image from poker camera and then gives out the accurate game result. And it can be for winning money from different kinds of poker games, such as Omaha, Texas hold’em, Blackjack and other poker games. This product could work together with different poker cameras. You could choose the short scanning distance camera or long scanning distance camera. For example, lighter camera, cigarette box camera, USB cable camera, wrist watch camera wallet camera and car key camera.
How Does A Poker Analyzer Work?
Poker analyzer transmits the game result by a wireless earphone. So the poker gambler could know different types of game result. For example the biggest winner, the rank of all poker players at the table and the best and the second best hand. Moreover, it could even tell you the arrangement of the whole deck, from the bottom card to the top one.

After scanning barcode marked cards, the analyzer have received the wireless signal and then give out the “ClUB QUEEN” to show the ♣Q. 

If you hear the"2", it means that the second player has the best hand on the table. While you hear the "4, 5", it means that the fourth player will have the best hand of the cards and the fifth player is the second best hand of the cards. It could work safely and accurately with Texas hold’em, Omaha and other poker games. But if you want to cheat at Baccarat with poker analyzer, it will let you know poker points or poker suits of each card directly. You will hear “Diamond FOUR”, “ClUB FIVE”, “Heart TEN” and others. 

What Game And Occasion Will Use K20 Poker Analyzer

Poker analyzer is used widely in the world. All in one poker analyzer can be for single use. But other poker analyzers need to work with extra poker cameras. So when you use K20 poker analyzer, you can be applied to: Texas hold’em, Omaha, Blackjack, Poker Match, Private cards game, Club cards game, and Magic show 

As the fast development of poker analyzers, if you have a wonderful device, the chance for winning money would be bigger than other poker players’. K20 poker analyzer is one of the advanced products. 

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