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Bee Premium Marked Playing Cards
2016-11-04 15:13
As a part of poker cheating tool, the poker playing cards play vital role in cheating successfully. In this paper, I will share our Bee Premium marked playing cards at poker gamble cheat.
As one of the most recognized brands of playing cards, the Bee Premium playing cards  is available in case pack quantities. With their patented, textured coating and unique finish, they will offer you to hold up well for multiple shuffling and handling. Enjoying good slip, snap and hand feel, these standard sized marked poker cards are ideal for games and casino style situations. They are the highest quality playing cards. Cards with a white border on the backs are a little bit better for hiding a sloppy double lift and they look more distinctive in a fan but cards without borders are almost always better for gambling sleights. 
In order to supply players with more methods to cheat secretly, we have developed four kinds of Bee Premium marked playing cards: back marked cards for IR/UV readers, side marked cards for poker analyzers, back marked cards to be read by spy camera lenses and laser back marked cards for laser spy camera lenses. In the following sections, I will specify them respectively. 
Bee Premium Back Marked Playing Cards for IR/UV Readers 
The Bee Premium back marked cards are printed with the invisible marks on back. The marks representing suits and values of cards are unreadable from our naked eyes and they are special for IR/UV readers reading. The readers can be IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact lenses or UV sunglasses to cheat under different cheating conditions. As regards the contact lenses, they are most ideal for reading back marked cards with good effect and concealment. There are different diameters of lenses for your inference: from 4mm to 12mm. With good quality, they will not do any harm to your eyes even if you wear them up to 8 hours. With this kind of excellent device to read cards, the whole cheating can be operated in a more secret and smooth way. At the end of games, your winning will be enhanced to the largest extent. 
Bee Premium Side Marked Playing Cards for Poker Analyzers 
Like back marked cards, the Bee Premium side marked playing cards are printed with invisible bar codes on sides. They are designed to be read by the camera lenses and decoded by the poker analyzers. Used in poker gambling, the camera can be fixed secretly in our routine items like a mobile phone, a car key, a TV or a clock. Reading the cards speedily and accurately, the camera will send the cards’ information to the poker analyzer that enjoys powerful analyzing function to decode the bar codes and report the result you need with 100% accuracy. The analyzer is able to report the poker results in different forms such as the biggest winner hand, the second winner hand, suits and point of each card, each player’s poker hand ranking. With the help of these devices, you will know the poker result before dealing cards. With this good advantage, you will win as much as you can. 
Bee Premium Back Marked Playing Cards for Spy Camera lenses 
Bee Premium back marked playing cards for spy camera lenses reading are also a good way for many poker games like Blackjack and Flush. The marks on cards are printed with different luminous ink so that these marked cards can not be read from IR/UV readers. They are for spy camera lenses reading. The spy camera is usually hidden in a lamp, a belt or other items in our daily life. Reading the marks clearly, the camera will send the information of cards to a TV on background very fast. Then, you are able to read the marks clearly on TV screen. Knowing the poker face in advance, you will master games under your control more easily. 
Bee Premium Laser Back Marked Playing Cards for Laser Spy Camera Lenses 
The Bee Premium laser back marked playing cards are mainly processed in recent days. They are mark with high skills and technology. There are a lot marking cards companies fail to do this kind of cards. With this advantage, our laser marked cards will provide you with a more secret and effective way to cheat successfully. Printed with laser marks, these cards are for laser spy camera lenses that can be hidden inside a belt, a lamp or other objects around us. It is able to read the cards clearly and then the marks will shown on a TV on backstage. From marks, you will know the suits and points even if the cards face down. By taking this good chance, you can catch more good chances to play well in each poker section. Of course, winning will be easier for you. 
I addition, we also accept your special customization about the Bee Premium marked playing cards. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you take an interest in them!
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