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Bicycle Rider Back Marked Playing Cards Red & Blue
2016-11-14 16:51
As we know, the Bicycle Rider Back card is one of the most popular cards all over the world. In poker cheating filed, this kind of cards can be specially designed as the marked playing cards. They can be processed into four types of marked cards under different poker cheating conditions. They are for IR/UV readers, spy camera lenses or poker analyzers. The Bicycle Rider Back Marked Cards for poker playing cheating can not only accelerate games to succeed easily but also offer you a enjoyable way to play poker games. They are ideal for poker playing games. 
Even if marked, the Bicycle Rider Back playing cards still keep good shape and hand feel the same as the original cards. They are durable and washable. In addition, these marked cards are easy to read (no crazy shapes or designs). The black deck boxes have dark gray in place of red or blue and the rider back design on the cards is printed in a beautiful solid black. But fantastic for the many other card games that we humans love to play. They fan nicely, shuffle well, and deal very well. They do not tend to stick together as badly as other inexpensive playing cards do over time. The Bicycle Rider Back marked playing cards have blue and red colors. They can be cards of poker size jumbo index or poker size standard index. In the following section, I will share this brand of marked cards together with other devices applied to poker games. 
Bicycle Rider Back Marked Cards for IR/UV Readers 
These Bicycle back marked cards printed by invisible ink pen or high-tech printer with the luminous ink or other light ink of different wavelengths on back are unreadable from our naked eyes. Thus, we have researched and developed the corresponding IR/UV readers such as IR contact lenses, UV contact lenses, IR sunglasses or UV sunglasses to read them. Those readers can recognize different luminous ink under different lights so that you can us any of them to see the marks under varied cheating conditions. These special lenses or sunglasses to read the back marked cards are good for many other peaking poker games such as Texas Holdem, Omaha and Blackjack. In terms of contact lenses, they are best for reading the invisible ink marked cards. They will not do any harm to your eyes, so you can rest assured to wear them even in a longer time. Moreover, those lenses will not change your original eyes’ color and you can choose the suitable diameter( ranging from 4mm to 12mm) for your wearing. With the Bicycle back marked cards and IR/ UV lenses for your gambling cheat, you will get more chances to win possibly. 
Bicycle Rider Back Barcode Marked Cards for Poker Analyzers
Printed with the invisible bar codes on the edge of cards by our high-tech printer, the Bicycle Rider Back barcode marked cards supply players with a more secret cheating way to win easily. The bar codes on cards can be read by the camera lens and decoded by the poker analyzers. After the camera lens read the cards, it will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer that is powerful to decode the bar codes and analyze the final poke result you need. In this case, there is no problem for you to wager on a big betting or fold with lowest risk. During cheating, the whole poker cheating will be operated in a very concealable manner. The camera lens can be hidden inside many our routine items like a car key, a lighter or a mobile phone. And other devices will be with good concealment. By using these devices, your games will be handled more effectively.
Bicycle Rider Back Marked Cards for Spy Camera Lenses 
The Bicycle cards can be finely designed as another back marked cards to be read from spy camera lenses at poker gamble. The IR/UV contact lenses fail to recognize these marked cards so that it is available for you to apply them to games more secretly. The spy camera lens can disguised as a routine item like a lamp or a CCTV camera. Nobody will find it because it is very mini to read the marked cards in a very concealable way. It is available for supporting WIFI or 3G/4G net to send the marks on a TV on background, so the marks will be shown on the screen clearly. In order to meet different needs, we have different levels of definition for your consideration: 360P, 720P, 1080P. The better level is, the clearer you will see. With this way to know the suits and values of next cards in advance, there is no big problem for you to master the game easily. 
Bicycle Rider Back Laser Marked Cards for Laser Spy Cameras
This kind of marked cards are more advanced than other marked cards. Adopted high technology and skills to mark, these cards are excellent for a more secret cards cheating. They are special for laser spy cameras recognizing. The laser camera lens is our latest and exclusive camera to cheat without any suspicion from others to check. We adopt the special ink to mark cards for this type camera reading. Other readers like IR readers or analyzer camera lenses can not recognize the ink so that it will be applied to poker cheating in a more secret way. Reading the laser marked cards quickly, the laser camera will send the information of cards to a TV screen. And then you will read the marks standing for suits and points easily. Knowing the cards’ face even if they face down, you are able to play well in the following sections. In the end, you will gain more success in this game. The laser camera can be fixed in a T shirt, a lamp, a cell phone or other routine items to read cards secretly.
The Bicycle Rider Back can be a good choice for successful gambling cheat. In addition to finished products, we have an extensive customization service. Please tell us your needs if you have an interest in them!
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