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Copag 1546 Marked Playing Cards Red and Blue
2016-11-28 17:37
Copay 1546 playing cads made with100% plastic are poker sized or bridge sized with Blue and Red design decks and regular Index or Jumbo index. They are slippery and last longer compared to thick paper-material cards that are not plastic. In poker gambling filed, this brand of playing cards can be specially designed as the marked cards to accelerate poker winning at a short time.

It is evident that these Copag 1546 marked cards are vastly superior in every way compared with the paper cards, and they hold their own very well against other brands of plastic cards. They slide and "fan" easily and the colors on both sides of each card are more vibrant. Made from an exclusively engineered PVC plastic, they can be susceptible to breaking, cracking, or warping under normal use, as are some other brands of plastic cards. Completely washable, they can be cleaned easily. In gambling cheat, the Copag playing cards can be processed into the back marked cards for invisible ink readers, side marked cards for poker analyzer system, back marked cards for spy camera and laser marked cards for laser spy camera. In order to give you a good understanding of these marked playing cards, I will specify them respectively as follows:
Copag 1546 Back Marked Playing Cards for Invisible Ink Readers
The Copag 1546 back marked playing cards are for the invisible ink readers reading. They are printed with the luminous marks on back and our naked eyes fail to read these marks. The readers including IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact lenses and UV sunglasses have strong ability to read the marks clearly while other players can not by their naked eyes. The marks can be marked with a big number, a letter or other marks in line with your requirement. With these devices, you will be able to know the poker face easily as long as you read the marks. Then, the next poker sections can be masted more confidently and sensibly. It is worthwhile to mention the contact lenses. They are ideal for reading the marked cards with good effect and concealment. By wearing this kind of readers, the poker gambling can be operated in such a secret and effective manner. In addition, there are different diameters of lenses ranging for 4mm to 12mm for your option. They will not change your eyes’ color a lot and they are suitable for many eyes’ colors such as blue eyes, green eyes or gray eyes. Just have a try if you want to increase poker winning!
Copag 1546 Side Marked Playing Cards for Poker Analyzer System

Printed with the invisible bar codes on sides, the copag 1546 marked playing cards are for poker analyzer system cheating. This system to cheat at games consists of a poker analyzer, a camera lens, side marked cards and a wireless mini earpiece. Usually, the camera lens will be fixed in a routine item in our daily life. This item can be a car key, a lighter, a clock or a TV to read the marked cards without suspect from other players. After reading the cards, it will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer that enjoy powerful function to analyze the result with 100% accuracy. Then, you will receive the poker result through the earpiece. You will not only know the best winner hand, the second winner hand..., but also know the suits and points one by one in line with setting in poker analyzer. By taking this good chance to predict poker result before the cards are dealt, you will make a betting with a hundred percent of confidence and lower your losses to the bottom line.
Copag 1546 Back Marked Playing Cards for Spy Camera
Copag 1546 back marked playing cards are different from the back marked cards for invisible ink readers. They are special and only for spy camera lens recognizing. In order to cheat in a concealable way, the spy camera can be hidden in a lamp, a belt, a wall picture or other articles in our daily life. Reading the cards accurately at a high speed, the camera will send the cards’ information to a TV on background. From TV screen, the result will show clearly. By knowing the poker result in advance, you can play well in the following poker section. In the end, winning will be increased largely.
Copag 1546 Laser Marked Playing Cards for Laser Spy Camera
Copag 1546 laser marked playing cards are the latest marked poker cards for laser spy camera lens reading. They are unreadable from other readers like contact lenses or analyzer camera. With the high technology and skills to mark, they can not be done by many cards marking suppliers. Thus, they are best suitable for many poker games under rough poker playing conditions. After reading the cards, the laser spy camera will send the signal of cards to a TV on backstage. Then, you will read the marks clearly shown on screen. Knowing the poker faces of next cards whose faces down in advance, you will gain more chances to enhance winning as strongly as possible.
The Coapg 1546 marked playing cards will be available for Texas, Omaha, Flush and many peaking poker games. They can be customized as well. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in them!

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