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Italian 100% Plastic Da Vinci Classico Playing Cards
2016-11-29 17:55
Known for the world's finest playing cards, Da Vinci playing cards have been synonimous with high quality playing cards. These cards manufactured with the finest plastic are comparable or better than many plastic playing cards. For poker gamble cheat, they can be specially processed into the marked playing cards for success.
The Italian 100% plastic Da Vinci Classico marked playing cards can be processed into the back marked cards for invisible ink readers, the edge marked cards for poker analyzer system, back marked cards read by spy camera and laser marked cards to be read by laser spy camera. Even marked, they still have good hand feel and shape the same that the original poker cards. These marked cards will not scratch, tear, or crease under normal playing conditions. They are durable and washable so that will last longer than other poker cards. Although the design is that of the classical index, the colors are very pleasant and bright. The ace of spades and the jokers are just beautiful. The excellent friction factor is perfectly adjusted and balanced: these cards fan beatifully and spread perfectly even. This is a great advantage contrary to the Bicycle Prestige, the cards of which are also great but feel too slippery and dry. In the following sections, I will specify them respectively.

Da Vinci Classico Back Marked Playing Cards for Invisible Ink Readers
The Da Vinci Classico back marked playing cards specially marked by the invisible ink pen or high-tech printer with the luminous marks on back are for invisible ink readers reading. There are IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact lenses and UV sunglasses for reading this brand of marked cards under different light wave lengths. The marks stand for suits and values of cards so that you are able to know the poker faces of next cards by wearing these readers before the cards face up. With this advantage to know the poker faces in advance, you will play with more confidence and caution to increase your winning chances to the largest extent. It is worth of mentioning the contact lenses that is best for reading this kind of marked cards. There are different pupil sizes of lenses in line with your needs. They will keep the eyes’ color that your original eyes’ have. In addition, they will not do any harm to your eyes. By using these cards cheating tools at games, winning will be mastered under your control easily.
Da Vinci Classico Edge Marked Playing Cards for Poker Analyzer System
The poker analyzer system cheating consists of a poker analyzer, a camera lens, edge marked cards and an output device( earpiece or Bluetooth). The Da Vinci Classico edge can be tactfully applied to this system for poker gamble cheat. These cards are printer with the invisible bar codes on edges and our naked eyes fail to read them. But you will know the poker result as long as you have the poker analyzer system. In order to operate a secret cheating, the camera lens can be usually hidden in a car key, a lighter, a mobile phone or other items in our daily life. Reading the cards clearly at any angle, the camera will send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer that is capable of decoding the cards and analyzing the poker result with 100% accuracy. The poker result can be reported in different forms set in poker analyzer . For example, the analyzer is able to report the best winner hand, the second winner hand , flop, turn, river or other results. Besides, it is able to report the suits and points of cards one by one. With this powerful system, winning will be handled strongly.
Da Vinci Classico Back Marked Playing Cards for Spy Camera
Da Vinci Classico Back marked playing cards for spy camera lens reading is another secret and effective poker cheating method. These back marked cards are different from the cards for IR readers, so they can not be recognized by IR readers or analyzer readers. Enjoying this advantage, they can cheat more successfully compared with other marked poker cards. In the application of games, they will be read clearly by the spy camera and then their information will be sent by the transmitter to a TV on backstage. The marks on cards will be shown clearly on TV screen. Similar to the invisible ink marked cards for IR readers, these marks on those cards indicate the suits and points. Thus, you will gain more chances to make betting or fold without any risk. In the end, the bankroll on the poker table will belong to you.
Da Vinci Classico Laser Marked Playing Cards for Laser Spy Camera

The Da Vinci Classico laser marked playing cards for laser spy camera reading. They are latest marked cards at poker gambling cheat. Because of being marked by high technology and skills, many cards marking suppliers fail to mark this kind of cards. Used at poker playing cheat, the laser spy camera will read the marked cards accurately at a high speed. Then the cards’ information will be sent to a TV on background. Thus, the marks will show on screen clearly. Getting this good chance to know the card’s poker faces before cards face up, you will decide how to play following poker sections sensibly and cautiously. As a result, winning will be enhanced as largely as possible.
The Da Vinci Classico marked playing cards are ideal for Texas, Omaha, Flush and many poker games. Please contact us if you take an interest in them!
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