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Belt Spy Camera to See Back Marked Cards
2016-12-15 17:26
The spy camera lens is also a very effective way to read the marked playing cards at many poker playing games. It can be disguised as a very common item in our daily life. A lamp, a clock or a TV may be a spy camera. In today’s lecture, I will introduce the belt spy camera for reading the back marked cards in a easier and useful way.
There is a spy camera fixed in the belt. The belt spy camera enjoys a good position to read the cards and it is a dynamic camera lens so that the back marked cards can be read in a wider range than other spy cameras. In addition, it can not only read the back marked cards, but also see the tiles of Mahjong, Paigow or Domino. When you play the game, the spy camera will read the marked cards clearly and then the information of cards will be sent to a TV by transmitter. From the TV screen, you will read the marks on back of cards accurately. These marked cards can not be read by other readers like IR contact lenses or UV contact lenses. They are very ideal for operating a secret cheating without suspect from other players. As long as you get good chances to know the poker faces of next cards, winning will be handled with more odds. In the end, you will become poker playing king easily.
If you are interested in our Belt spy camera, please contact us. It is available for Texas, Omaha, Blackjack and many poker playing games. Please contact us if you have an interest in it!
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