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How to change the points of dice
2013-06-08 17:09

      Dice is a very small gamble tools in the world. Many place use dice as a gambling tool. A very small dice can also be cheated at that out of your imagine. Here to let you know the way to change the point of dices.   

      Dice cheatings would be found if the player knows how to look for.  Above, a crooked dice with only three lucky numbers on it.  With two such dice the numbers Three, Five, Seven, Nine, Eleven, or Twelve could not be thrown.  Above left, dice 1 and 2 have two slightly rounded sides; such dice will tend to come to rest on the flat sides.  Die 3 has weights inside the corners of one side that will force the die on to that side.  Die 4 is not truly square and will land most often on its long sides.  Die 5 has round edges on certain sides and is less likely to land on these.  Die 6 has a metal strip within one side those brigs it down on that side.  Die 7 is hollow at one side, so will tend to drop on the solid side.  Die 8 has edges jutting out on the side that tend to stop the die rolling off that side.  Below left, how to test a die for weights.  Loaded dice turn over when dropped in water, landing on the weighted side.


      Some of the dice cheat’s sleight-of-hand exposed.  Crooked dice are concealed in the palm of the hand (top left) when the cheat picks up the honest dice.  He closes his hand, and the crooked dice drop to his fingers.  After palming the honest dice he throws the crooked pair.  Center right, the “Greek shot”: The dice are thrown against a wall (not shown) so that one lands on top of the other – preventing the bottom one from rolling.  Thus the bottom die can always be made to score, say six, and the cheat would always score at least seven.  Bottom left ad right, a “slide throw”: One die is held by the little finger so that it slides rather than rolls, again ensuring that one number will appear.  If the number is a Six, no lower number can be thrown-and so the shooter cannot “crap out” on a Two or Three and is more likely to make his point.

      Do you know how to change the point of dices now? If you don't know, that's no matter, we can use cheating dice for you to do the gambling. You can get the right point you want.


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