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Copag Geometric Bridge Size Marked Cards
2016-12-28 17:37
The history of Copag is directly linked to the history of card games in Brazil. Pioneer in the manufacturing of decks, this brand has been in this market since the beginning of the 20th century. Today, from its modern and large industrial facilities located in Manaus, in the state of Amazonas, Copag sends part of its production to the international market, exporting decks to the United States as well as to different countries in Latin America. This type of cards can be utilized tactfully for poker gambling cheat. In this paper, I will share our Copag Geometric bridge size marked playing cards to help you win with more possibilities.
The Copag Geometric bridge size marked playing cards can be processed into different types of marked cards to meet different poker cheating needs under different poker playing conditions. There are main back marked cards read by IR/UV readers, barcode marked cards for poker analyzer system, back marked cards for spy camera recognizing and laser marked cards to be read by laser spy camera. No matter what marked cards you applied to games, they will enable you to master winning more easily.
The 100% PVC plastic Copag Geometric marked cards that will last for years outlasting paper cards up to 500 times. They are Bridge sized and jumbo indexed with colorful design on orange and yellow backs. After marked, they still have good hand feel and shape. With durable and washable features, they are ideal to deal, shuffle and hold well. In the following paper, I will introduce these marked cards in detail at poker games.
Copag Geometric Back Marked Cards for IR/UV Readers

Copag Geometric back marked cards are marked with invisible marks by invisible ink pen or printer. These marks standing for suits and points are unreadable from our naked eyes and they are specially designed for IR/UV readers reading. These readers including IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact lenses and UV sunglasses will aid you to read the marks on cards easily. Knowing the poker face in advance, you will play each poker section more sensibly and cautiously. As a result, winning will belong to you without effortlessly. It is worth of mentioning the contact lenses that are best devices for reading the invisible ink marked cards in an effective and concealable manner. There are different pupil’ s sizes of lenses for your options, and they range from 4mm to 12mm so that you can select suitable one for your eyes. When you wear this kind of device, they will keep your original eyes’ color to the largest extent, thus, other players will not find any flaw from your eyes. These lenses are available for blue eyes, green eyes, gray eyes, blackjack and many other colors of eyes. Besides, they will not do any harm to your eyes even if you wear them up to 8 hours. By using these cards cheating devices, games will be mastered without any difficulty.
Copag Geometric Barcode Marked Cards for Poker Analyzer System
Printed with invisible bar codes on edges, the Copag Geometric barcode marked cards are for poker analyzer system poker cheat. This system is composed of a camera lens, a poker analyzer, barcode marked cards and a mini earpiece to finish the whole cheating. Usually, in order to operate a secret poker cheat, the camera lens can be disguised as a common item in our daily life like a mobile phone, a car key or a lighter. Used at poker games, it can read the marked cards clearly and will not arouse other players’ attention at all. Reading the cards accurately and speedily, the camera lens will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer that has strong power to decode the bar codes and analyze the poke result you need with 100% accuracy. Getting a good chance to know the poker result, you will make a sensible decision to wager a betting without any risk. In the end, there is no big problem for you to increase winning easily.
Copag Geometric Back Marked Cards for Spy Camera
The Copag Geometric back marked cards are processed for spy camera lens reading. Different from the marked cards for IR/UV readers recognizing, the camera lens can not be read by these readers. Like other poker playing scanner to cheat secretly, the camera lens can be hidden in our routine articles such as a lamp or a belt. Reading the marked cards easily, the spy camera is able to finish its reading function smoothly at a high speed. Then, the information of cards will be sent to a TV on background. From the TV screen, you will read the marks on cards clearly. In the following poker sections, you are able to make a betting sensibly or fold it without any risk.
Copag Geometric Laser Marked Cards for Laser Spy Camera
This kind of marked cards is the latest product to be read by laser spy camera. These marked cards adopt high technology and skills to make, and many cards marking suppliers fail to do this. Used for poker playing games, they are with good concealment so that others can not check them by common poker readers like IR or UV contact lenses. The laser spy camera can read the cards at the distance of 2-5cm or 2-3m. Thus, it can not only meet your short distance poker cheat, but also aid your long distance one. After the camera lens reads the cards, the information will be sent to a TV on backstage by the transmitter. You will easily see the marks in TV screen on backstage. Of course, winning will be handled in an easier way.
The Copag Geometric marked cards are good for cards playing cheat. Please feel free to contact us if you take an interest in them! By the way, we accept your special customization.
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