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Blackjack cheating with cheating cards
2013-06-08 17:10

     According to the rules of blackjack, we can find that it is very easy to cheat at blackjack, you can use all kinds of cheating devices to cheat at it or you can use skills to cheat at it. EYE electronic can offer you many kind ways that suit for you:

     There is no room in the game of blackjack for cheaters and we do not recommend that any blackjack player attempt any of the common blackjack cheating methods that we discuss here. These are listed for informational purposes only. Suprisingly enough, even some of the world's greatest and smartest blackjack players have been arrested for cheating at blackjack.

     Common Blackjack Cheats
     The following is a list of common blackjack cheats that players are often caught trying to use:

     Card Marking
     Card Mucking
     Card Bending
     Card Switching
     Dealer Collusion
     Computer Devices (Super Chips)
     All of these blackjack cheats are extremely well known to casino security. Casino security isn't fooled very easily these days and they don't take to blackjack cheaters very well. Most casinos will prosecute any player attempting to cheat at any game. We highly recommend that you do not attempt blackjack cheating, it's very dangerous, unintelligent, and often provides bad public relations for the wonderful game of blackjack.
     The risk of cheating verse the reward of slightly higher profits is simply not strong enough for any player to attempt cheating. By using the strategy information on our website of eye electronic, you will learn enough legal techniques and systems to sway the odds of blackjack to your favor by using your intelligence without cheating.

     Is Card Counting a Type of Blackjack Cheat?
     Card counting is a blackjack strategy of keeping track of which cards have been dealt in a shoe. It is NOT a form of blackjack cheating if you are simply using your brain to keep track of the cards. If you ever attempt to use any type of counting device other than your brain, such as a concealed computer device, it can be considered cheating and you could face legal prosecution.

     Many people think that any type of card counting is illegal and is a method of cheating at blackjack but this is not true. Learning to count cards with your brain can be one of the most powerful strategy tools a blackjack player has in his arsenal and it can be a very rewarding learning experience.

     To cheat at blackjack, cards should be processed with mark, the mark may be done on the back or on the edge. You should have the ability to change the cards and use your own cards in casino.


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