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Spy Camera for Reading Marked Mahjong Tiles
2017-01-18 10:27
The spy camera can be used at poker games and dice games. And there is no doubt that the spy camera can be applied to the Mahjong poker cheat as well.
The spy camera can be fixed in a belt, a lamp or other items in our daily life to cheat secretly. With good concealment and mini size, the camera will not be noticed by other players at all. It is specially designed to read the marked majong tiles. The tiles marked with the invisible marks on back or sides will be recognized by the camera. After the camera reads the marked tiles, the information of tiles will be sent to a TV on backstage, then the marks indicating tiles’ face will be shown on screen clearly. As long as you have a chance to know the tiles’ faces in advance, you will play the following poker sections more sensibly and cautiously. In the end, you are able to win as soon as possible.
If you have an intent of winning the Mahjong game, just have a try to use the spy camera for enhancing winning! 
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