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Copag Barcode Marked Playing Cards for Poker Analyzer
2017-03-02 15:53
Copag marked playing cards are kind of finest poker cards in the world. For poker gambling cheat, these cards can be specially processed into the marked playing cards. In today’s lecture, I will share the Copag barcode marked cards for poker analyzer.
The Copag barcode marked playing cards are printed with invisible bar codes on edges. They are special for camera reading and poker analyzer decoding in poker analyzer system cheat. When you play the game, the camera will read the cards speedily and then will send the information to the poker analyzer that has strong capability to decode bar codes and analyze the result with 100% accuracy within 0.1 second. Knowing the poker result in advance, you are able to play confidently and cautiously at each section. In the end, winning can be enhanced largely. It is worthwhile to mention that those marked cards still keep good hand feel and smooth finish even if marked. By using them at your games, you will not only have enjoyable poker game, but also win as much as you can.
The Copag marked cards can be customized as well. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in them!
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