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Flush Cheating Software To Report Best Winner Hand
2017-04-11 17:46
The Texas Holdem cheating software can be installed in mobile phone like Iphone or Android cell phones to read suits and points of all cards. Enjoying high recognition rate, it is able to read the non marked cards so that the poker cheat can be operated in a more concealable and easier manner. 
How to use it at Flush
The latest Texas Holdem cheating software can be installed in mobile phones like iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. Using the built-in camera lens of cell phones to scan common cards, not marked cards, it is able to read the poker faces of all cards. Thus, you can know cards’ suits and points one by one without any suspect from other people. Besides, you can set it to analyze the best winner hand so that you will get the chance to know the final result before the cards face up. As a result, you will hear the result through the wireless mini earpiece or Bluetooth. It is worthwhile to mention that the cards should be dealt over the phone during playing games, so the camera is able to read the cards’ faces clearly at any angle. With the help of this software, you will make betting or fold without any risk. In the end, you will have more chances to win to the largest extent.  
High recognition rate
With high recognition rate, the Texas Holdem cheating can be suitable for Android or Iphone mobiles. Each card’s point and value can be recognized with 100% accuracy under its reading. When you deal the cards over the phone, the camera is able to read the poker cards speedily at any angle and the software can tell the result to you without any mistake.
Easy and single operation 
Using this device, there is unnecessary for you to work with your partner so you can finish the whole cheating by single operation. The whole cheating is very simple and easy. Just deal the cards over you phone, and you will hear the each card’s point and value, or best winner hand according to your setting through earpiece or Bluetooth.
Many games available 
In addition to Flush, this cheating software to read non marked cards are available for other poker games like Texas Holdem, 4-card-Omaha, 5-card-Omaha, 6-card-Omaha and Omaha Hi-low. And this software can be applied to Wold Poker Tour, poker cheating games, poker match, private cards game, club cards games, magic shows of marked playing cards.
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