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Marked Cards Contact Lenses for Texas Holdem
2017-04-12 17:20
The marked cards contact lenses are for reading the invisible ink marked cards at poker playing cheat. There are IR contact lenses and UV contact lenses for reading different ink marked cards, but their functions are same. In this paper, I will share these contact lenses for Texas Holdem poker cheat.
The marked cards contact lenses enjoy good reputation for reading the marks on marked cards with 100% accuracy. When you play Texas Holdem with them, you will know the suits and points of next cards or other poker hands easily. In the following sections, you can make betting or fold according to your reading. With this advantage, you will be able to master this game very easily and successfully. There are different pupil sizes of lenses for options in line with your setting like 6mm, 8mm or 11mm. They are suitable for different colors’ eyes such as blue eyes, black eyes or brown eyes, and they will not change your original eyes’ color too much. With these marked cards contact lenses, you will not only play the game with comfortable experience, but also win in a very easy manner.
In addition to Texas Holdem, the marked cards contact lenses can be applied to Blackjack, Flush, Baccarat and many other poker games. Please have a try to use them for increasing winning!
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