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Analyzer Camera Lenses for Barcode Marked Cards
2017-04-15 17:28
The analyzer camera lenses are for reading the barcode marked playing cards. For secret poker cheating, they can be disguised as our daily items such as car keys, lighters, mobile phones or lamps.  
In terms of scanning distances of analyzer camera lenses to read the barcode marked cards, there are short distance cameras and long distance cameras. Usually, the reading distance of the former cameras is within 90 cm and that of the latter ones can be 1-6 meters. Thus, you can choose the suitable one for your games cheating under different poker playing conditions. Besides, you can fix one or two camera lenses inside the items to read the cards. With HD feature, the lenses will read the cards with a hundred percent of accuracy at a high speed and then will send the cards’ information to the poker analyzer to report the final result you need.
The analyzer camera lenses are good for poker analyzer system cheat. In addition to the finished products, we accept your special customization. Please feel free to contact us if you have other requirements about the lenses! 
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