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Do you want to know how to detect marked playing cards
2013-06-10 21:20

     As a gambler, of course you don't want to be cheated. But how to detect the cheating before you are go to gambling? Here are some advices for you to follow:

     A >. Perform the gamblers' riffle test (also known as "going to the movies"). This test allegedly allows a person to detect most marked decks by simply riffling the cards. Looking at the back of the cards while they are being riffled, the marks will allegedly dance around the back of the cards like an old-fashioned cartoon. In fact, one must know exactly what marks to look for, or this method of detection may not work. The riffle test is less effective for detecting cards marked with luminous and juice.

    B >. Reflect light off the back of the card. Cut-out work (scratches or white ink) will display, as well as many inks or solutions that tend to dull the finish on playing cards because they are alcohol-based. Only the highest quality solutions will not burn the finish of cards. Placing a drop of alcohol on a card and then looking at the finish by reflecting light off the back reveals the dulling effect that these cheap solutions can cause.

    We can make many kinds of cards,for example:kem marked cards,Modiano marked cards,Bee marked cards,Copag marked cards,Bicycle marked cards,Fournier marked cards and so on,welcome you to send your cards to us for marking.

    To detect marked cards you can follow the above advice I gave you. But there also some marked cards should be checked out by professional devices. If you have any question, please contact us and we will help you to do what you want.



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