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Modiano Cristallo 4-Pip Jumbo Index Marked Playing Cards
2017-08-18 16:49
The Modiano Cristallo 4-Pip Jumbo index marked playing cards are special for cards playing cheat. As useful conceit tools, these marked playing cards offer various effective ways to cheat with biggest success. They can be designed as different types to cater for more people’s requirements under different poker playing situations. There are main back marked cards recognized by IR/UV readers, side marked cards for poker analyzer system cheat, back marked cards read by spy camera and laser marked cards to be read by the laser spy camera. No matter which marked cards you use, they will accelerate your poker winning to the largest extent.
The Modiano Cristallo marked playing cards are ultra thick and very textured. The shuffle and cut of these cards feel more like traditional playing cards than any other brand. If you have ever felt a plastic card and said "this is flimsy", Modiano is the card for you. This is the unique 4 PIP Jumbo Index with 8 colors to choose from: red, orange, brown, violet, light blue, dark blue, light green and dark green. Even marked, the authentic 100% plastic playing cards still keep good hand feel and shape. They have beautiful card design with classic, four-color face cards and a mesmerizing card back featuring lavish filigree and vintage bicycle wheels. In order to give you a further understanding of these marked cards, I will specify them as follows:
Modiano Cristallo 4-Pip Back Marked Cards for IR/UV Readers
The Modiano Cristallo 4-Pip back marked playing cards marked with the luminous marks on back by the invisible ink pen or printer are for IR/UV readers recognizing. The readers can be IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, UV contact lenses and UV sunglasses to read the marks clearly. The marks can be marked with a big front, a letter, or a number or other marks that stand for the suits or points on poker faces. As long as you wear any of those readers under related lighting, the marks can be readable clearly. Then, you will know the poker faces of next card easily. With this chance, the games will be mastered easily. There is necessary to mention the contact lenses that are best effective and ideal for reading this kind of marked cards. They reading the marks with good concealment and effect will finish the poker cheating in a highly efficient way. There are different diameters of lenses for your consideration. And these lenses are very soft and will not do any harm to your eyes. Besides, they will not change your eyes’ color too much. With these excellent devices for your gamble cheat, bankroll on the poker table will be won easily.
Modiano Cristallo 4-Pip Side Marked Cards for Poker Analyzer System
This kind of cards is for poker analyzer system cheat. In poker analyzer system, it consists of four parts: a camera lens, a poker analyzer, side marked cards and an output device. The Modiano Cristallo 4-Pip side marked cards are excellent for this system. In order to complete a concealable poker cheat, the camera can be fixed in our item articles like a mobile phone, a TV, a clock and a lighter. With powerful reading function, the camera lens will read the marked cards clearly and speedily, then it will send the cards’ information to the poker analyzer that enables to decode the bar codes and analyze the poker result with 100% accuracy. The result can be set to report in different forms. Let me make an example. In Texas Holdem, the analyzer can not only the direct winner hand like best winner hand, the second winner hand, each player’s poker hand, but also tell the flop, turn or river to you without any mistake. By using this poker analyzer system, winning will be controlled you want.
Modiano Cristallo 4-Pip Back Marked Cards for Spy Camera
The Modiano Cristallo 4-Pip back marked cards are different from the back marked cards for IR contact lenses reading. They are special for spy camerarecognizing. The camera lens can be hidden in a lamp, a belt or a wall picture. Reading the cards accurately and speedily, the camera will send the cards’ information to a TV on background. On TV screen, you will know the face of cards easily. By taking this good chance to know the result in advance, the following poker sections can be handled more confidently and sensibly. In the end, winning will be increased to the largest degree.
Modiano Cristallo 4-Pip Laser Marked Cards for Laser Spy Camera
The Modiano Cristallo 4-Pip laser marked cards as the latest products are designed to be read by the laser spy camera. The newest laser spy camera is specially designed to read the laser marked cards. These marked cards are unreadable from our naked eyes and other readers like contact lenses or analyzer camera. In order to operate a secret poker cheat, the spy camera usually is hidden in a mobile phone, a lamp or other items in our daily life. The scanning distance of this camera can be 2-5cm or 2-3m so that many poker games cheating can be realized under different cards playing conditions. The camera will read the cards at a high speed and then the information of cards will be sent by the transmitter to a TV on backstage. From the screen, you will read the marks clearly. The marks standing for the suits and points will help you know the poker faces of the cards even if they face down. In the following poker sections, you are able to play confidently and cautiously. As result, winning will be enhanced largely.
The Modiano Cristallo 4-Pip marked playing cards are excellent for many poker playing games such as Texas, Omaha and Baccarat. Please contact us if you take an interest in them!
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