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Modiano Poker Index 100% Plastic Marked Playing Cards
2017-08-25 17:59
The regular Modiano Poker Index playing cards can be specially processed by us. After marked, the marked cards look no difference from the regular ones. They still keep good shape and great hand feel. In this paper I will share the Modiano Poker Index 100% plastic marked playing cards at poker gambling cheat
The Modiano Poker Index marked playing cards are 100% plastic playing cards manufactured in Italy by Modiano, which is more durable and washable than many other poker cards. They are made with beautiful dual-tone card designs with four-color face cards. Once you deal Modiano you will recognize their advantages not only for the substantial feel but also the diamond and hash back designs. In addition, there are five colors of this kind of marked cards sized poker wide: 2.5" (62mm) by 3.5". The colors are brilliantly printed on the faces. You will not worry about players discerning the pips on the cards when dealing Modiano! The back styles are also extravagantly designed with richness and taste. Modiano marked cards will not only impress you with their excellent texture but also with its vivid colors and design.
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