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Marked cards in cheat system long distance camera lens analy
2013-06-10 21:22

      More and more casino like to using cheating device as a way to help somebody to win the game. Marked cards is one of the cheating device in the system.

      Cards can be marked while playing using fingernails or by bending or crimping the cards in a position that the cheat can read from across the table. The practice of burning the top card, or cards, is to prevent a cheat from knowing that top card and dealing "seconds" to either give a confederate a card that helps his hand or an opponent a card that hurts his.

     A common way of marking cards involves marks on a round design on the card so as to be read like a clock (an ace is marked at one o'clock, and so on until the king, which is not marked).
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     You are welcome to our company to order the marked cards. You can also send your cards here to process or you can buy the invisible ink to do the mark yourself. But if for analyzer, you should send the cards here to process, as you have not gotten the machine to do the barcode.

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