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Various Poker Analyzer
2018-01-26 13:41
    Most poker gamblers are real cell phone. We have set a program or cameras inside, and then they have become the poker cheating analyzers. There are different poker analyzers and some of them are

the old versions for who can not afford money. You could buy the new AKK A1all in one analyzer, AKK K5 all in one analyzer, AKK K4poker analyzer, MDA poker analyzer, K30 poker analyzer, V68 poker analyzer

and GPS poker analyzer. Some poker gamblers who can put the cell phone on the table would use the all in one analyzer. The latest AKK K4 all in one analyzer has double mini camera inside. If you want a

wider scanning range, you could choose this analyzer. It has two language versions: English and Russian, so Russian poker gamblers could choose this device. From the appearance, this analyzer is a

real cell phone that is hard to be found by other poker players. The difference between AKK A1 all in one analyzer and AKK K4 poker analyzer is the sensitive camera inside.

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