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Cheating Dice Cup System
2018-05-17 14:15
The whole cheating system consists of three parts: an automatic dice cup , electronic dice and a remote control.

The special part of this automatic dice cup is the cup tray, which has been processed by our professional technicians so that it can work with the electronic dice and the remote control. The cup base is chargeable. On a single full charge, it can keep working for more than 8 hours.
The electronic dice are no different from normal dice on the outside, but actually, there is an electronic microchip installed inside each of them, which would not be found even if you smash the dice into pieces. All kinds of dice, like transparent dice, bone dice and plastic dice, can be processed into electronic dice. The size of the dice can be 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm...

The remote control is dedicated to the automatic dice cup, with which you can get any points you want. It can work even 20 meters away from the dice cup and such obstacles as walls will not prevent it from working.

Do you want to get the dice points you want while playing dice games? If you do, how about using our cheating dice cup system for that purpose? If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us!

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