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AKK A1 Poker Predictor
2018-12-19 13:45
AKK A1 is one of our latest poker predictors that can be used for gambling cheat in such poker games as Omaha, Texas Holdem, Flush Baccarat and so on.

It can let you know who is the biggest winner, the ranks of all players, the best and second best poker hand or other poker results before dealing cards. You just need to set the AKK A1 poker predictor for whatever kind of poker results you want to know in advance.

AKK A1 poker predictor has been installed inside with a poker camera which can scan barcode marked cards in 360 angle degree.

Besides, our AKK A1 can also work with any external poker  camera in the world, especially those newly-made by AKK called AP 10 and AP. There is a long distance one to one Bluetooth earpiece going with the poker predictor,

Our AKK A1 poker predictor features exquisite, elegant, trendy and attractive appearance design based on fashionable phone model. Its 5 inch super-big screen with IPS HD system can give users a more comfortable visual experience while operating the poker predictor, and its new UI ( user interface )design can make poker games much easier to manage. It has 8 core super-fast CPU, 2G runtime memory and super power on analysis data which can help users receive poker results very fast.

If you are interested in our AKK A1 poker predictor, welcome to contact us!
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