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Perspective Table Monitoring System
2019-01-16 13:29
If you want to see the points and suits of normal playing cards while playing poker, our perspective table monitoring system can make that happen for you.

The perspective table has been installed with 9 special poker cameras, which have the function of scanning normal playing cards.

When you play poker, turn on the cameras, and then they will scan the normal playing cards ( no need to use marked playing cards ) from different angles. After the scanning, they will send the cards’ information to a monitor in backstage and then the faces of the face-down playing cards will be presented on the monitor screen.

Your cheating partner in the backstage can clearly seen the poker faces of the face-down playing cards on the monitor screen and then tell you the information through an earpiece

The size, the style and even the exterior of the perspective table can be customized according to your requirements if you want. 

If you want to use perspective table monitoring system for poker cheat, welcome to contact us!
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