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Poker Perspective Spectacles
2018-10-11 10:56
Our company sells two types of poker perspective spectacles, one is contact lenses and the other is sunglasses. By wearing the corresponding poker perspective spectacles, you will be able to see invisible IR, UV or luminous marks on poker backs.

The contact lenses are available in three different versions: American version ( Johnson and Johnson ), Korean version and Chinese version. Different versions are made of different materials, which all are harmless to human naked eyes. There is no need for you to worry that wearing our contact lenses may change your eye color since we have different colors for your choice, like blue, green and brown -- no matter what your eye color is, there will be suitable contact lenses for you. Moreover, the lens degree can be customized according your your needs.

The sunglasses are available in fashionable and classic styles, suitable for man and women. Sometimes other poker players may know whether your poker hand is good or bad through the mircro-expression on your face or in your eyes. Wearing our sunglasses to play poker can not only make you look cool, but also prevent other poker players from reading any information in your eyes.

If you are interested in our poker perspective spectacles, contact lenses or sunglasses, welcome to contact us!
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