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Poker wisdom to be a champion in poker gambling
2013-06-13 15:05

   In a poker gambling, if you want to win, only by luck is not enough. Some of them using cheating device in order to get more money for the gambling. But if you want to be a really champion in the poker game. You should use you head--wisdom.

    Doyle Brunson is widely considered the best no-limitpokerplayer alive and
haswon millions of dollars in his professional career. After winning the World
Series of poker two years in a row, he went on to write the best-selling classic
 Doyle Brunson's Super System, the "bible" of poker for professional players.

    His second book,PokerWisdom of a Champion, He continues to play poker almost daily in some of the higheststakes games in the world.
Doyle shares what he has learned over the years of traveling the Texas circuit and in private games. It contains
marked cards|poker analyzer|uv contact lens|uv cards|invisible ink|remote control dices and so on.
Originally published as According to Doyle, is a collection of his most memorablepokertales.Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson took the World Series
of poker champion ship in 1976 and 1977 and has won an unprecedented nine gold bracelets from the same event. Full of real-life characters and
too- crazy-to-be-fiction situations, this book highlights the psychology and
humanity ofpoker. These anecdotes contain not only humor, but also advice and insight from the world's greatest pokerplayer himself.

    All in all, to get the money from the gambling, you can use cheating devices, but if you want to be a real champion in the poker gambling field, you can not use cheating device, but your head that is wisdom!

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