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Electronic Poker Shoe Casino Cheating System
2018-09-04 10:57
Our electronic poker shoe is beautiful in design, exquisite in workmanship and good in quality. It can help casino owners make profits in Baccarat by working with a special cellphone and barcode marked cards. For information about each part of the system, please refer to the following list:
       poker shoe
       outside            material                                      plastic
             color                                   fully black
       transparency                               non-transparent
       inside              a poker
         camera lens
scanning barcode marked cards, collecting the cards’ information and transferring the collected data
             a poker
         cards switcher
                 switching one card with another
  Special cellphone      functions indicating the poker result of each round by vibrating before dealing cards and changing it  by working with the poker cards switcher
    marked cards
      features no chromatic aberration
being water-resistant and wear-resistant
capable of staying unfading for as long as two years

If you are interested in our electronic poker shoe casino cheating system, welcome to contact us!
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