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Poker Cheating Tools
2018-11-09 14:37
Our company, EYEPCC, has many different kinds of poker cheating tools for sale. You can refer to the following parts to see if there is something you are interested in.

poker cheating cards:
( 1 ) classification: back marked playing cards&edge marked playing cards
( 2 ) poker brands: Aviator, Bee, Bicycle, Copag, KEM, Fournier, Modiano, Da Vinci, Royal...

poker cheating scanner:
( 1 ) for back marked playing cards: ceiling light, smoker detector, security camera , TV set, wall clock...
( 2 ) for edge marked playing cards: mobile phone, power bank, USB cable, lighter, cigarette box, ashtray, watch, beaded bracelet, wrist belt, wallet, small handbag, water bottle, car key, key ring, chip tray...

poker cheating analyzer:
( 1 ) AKK series: AKK K4, AKK K5, AKK A1, AKK A2...
( 2 ) CVK series: CVK 350, CVK 400, CVK 500, CVK 600...

poker cheating glasses:
( 1 ) contact lenses: infrared contact lenses, ultraviolet contact lenses, luminous contact lenses
( 2 ) sunglasses: infrared sunglasses, ultraviolet sunglasses, luminous sunglasses

poker cheating shoe:
( 1 )  single operation: hand control second deal poker shoe
( 2 ) multi-person operation: remote control second deal poker shoe, remote control electronic poker shoe, magic poker shoe...

poker cheating shuffler: 
( 1 ) fiber optical poker shuffler

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