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How to cheat when play on perspectvic table
2013-06-13 15:08

         Did you feel trouble about cheating in perspective table? And can you imagine that to cheat at the perspective table? Nothing is difficult to us. We can cheat at poker when you are playing on perspective table.

        There are some a miraculous products, it look like a general table, but can perspective the cards in the gamble. The table is the newest product, make of the special material but look like a general table. The table plate can be seen through by our lens.

        When we play card games, we can know the hold cards in advance. Put the cards on the table and set up our lens under the table. The cards can be seen in another room by the display. For example, we can install the lens in the shoes or in the back of the table plate. All the things on the table can be seen by the display.

       If a guy use the products like the table, make money will be easy. For perspective table, we can hide the lens into you shoes and you can put the analyzer into your pocket. So that the lens can see through the table and scan on the barcode of the poker deck. So that it is a not hard thing to cheat at poker.


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