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Gambling Tricks for Card Games
2019-02-27 15:04
Trick one: by using poker predicting system which usually consists of edge marked cards, a poker scanner, a poker predictor and an earpiece. The poker predictor will tell you who is gonna get the best poker hand before dealing cards immediately after its internal camera or an external poker camera ( the poker scanner ) scan edge marked cards.

Triack two: by using backstage monitoring system whose main parts include back marked cards, a poker scanner and monitor. You can clearly seen those invisible marks printed on card backs on the monitor screen after they have been read by the poker scanner.

Trick three: by using perspective glasses -- IR/UV/luminous contact lenses or sunglasses. You will be able to clearly see through back marked cards with the corresponding perspective glasses.

All of the cheating devices mentioned avove are available from our company and we welcome you to approach us for nay of them.
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