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Playing poker skill and cheat at poker card
2013-06-15 13:57

Gamblers always playing poker cards in casino, but most of them in gambling only by their luck. Will you know some other except luck? Here are some advice for you to follow, please read them and I think it is helpful to you:

1.the player must have high strength, the memory and good physical fitness.

2.the player must be skilled in the conception and the first attack.

3.the player must have good ability to communicate information, capture information and information processing.

4.the player must have the thinking ability and analysis ability careful.

5.the player must be proficient in various kinds of skills and tactics principle of conventional and special tactics.

6.the player must have a capacity calculation and derivation.

7.the player should be familiar with their partner's temper, character and style, which is always able to understand perfect, cooperate well in the game.

8.the player must have insight into the poker situation, ability to develop, adjust your strategy and tactics.

9.the player must be able to size card with a variety of techniques in.

10.the player must be skilled in Tiepai and stack the cards.

11.the player must have the ability to use psychological tactics and military rule.

12.the player must have braved the risk, the courage to meet the challenge of the ability.

13.the player must have the good psychological quality and strong strain capacity.

14.the player must have "- solid gratifying, the defeat also readily" game concept.

15.the player must diligent practice.

16.the player must have the ability to be good at summing up and continue to find and correct mistakes, improve technology ability.

17.the player must good at play careful or play at will with the playing ability.

18.use poker cheating device to cheat at poker, such as poker analyzer, monitor system, contact lenses... cheating automatic mahjong table to cheat at mahjong, monitor mahjong to cheat at mahjong, dice cheating, automatic shuffler to cheat at baccarat with normal poker, card tricks by hand to cheat at normal poker...

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