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Dice cheating dice gambling in casino
2013-06-15 13:58

   You may always play with dice, but do you know the growth of dice? And do you know how to cheat at dice? Here I will tell you the way the dice growth and how to cheat at dice.

   The dice is widely used, now the community prevalence of various positioning dice, dice, break free gold dice, dice, dice, remote sensing.

   The dice is one of the essential tools for many entertainment. The dice is in a set of dice which winning gambling. According to legend, the inventor of dice is the writer who called ZHI  of Shu 、Han and Wu , initially used as divination tools. Later evolved into the harem of the concubines of the game, throwing the dice gambling alcohol or gambling silk sachet.When the dice and are coated in black, in the Tang Dynasty to increase ground.

   According to legend, Tang Xuanzong and Yang in the harem dice play, was lost, only 4 points can save the day, this fashion has a still spinning, Tang Xuanzong heart anxious, even shouted "4!4.After the dust has settled, it is 4.Tang Xuanzong is a happy, let Gao declared the world, dice can trace, red is usually can not be used.

   Since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, the dice entertainment was basically decided, generally using 3 dice and dice cup.The most simple dice cup available wood or tile bowl bowl replacement, underneath the pad on a base plate, throw the dice with the dice cup cover, banker and game player did not know that the dice. This method of mystical, convenient makers build atmosphere, in order to make the game player gathering of bet. In a casino, a beautifully produced, and cup match the dice cup game, the name is called bingo. To prevent the dealer negligence dice shaking or cheating, generation, Yehan the Chinese invented the electric Sic Bo, is still in use in Macao casino.

   The cheating of dice is for several years ago. We can cheat on every dice you have. We can do remote dice, mercury dice, sensor dice, and monitor dice... you just tell me your require and we can do just for you.



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