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Be in good luck in gambling cheating device will help you
2013-06-15 13:59

When you are playing mahjong or poker game, we will have bad luck or good luck on it. We often happy when we are in good luck and agonizing when in bad luck, of course everybody is so. When we are in good luck, we feel that time past fast and get money easy, and when in bad luck, the time feel past slowly.

Playing mahjong bad luck is a very common thing, this time how to do, what to play mahjong skills can help?

    Using the method of time delay, such as those gamble lost poeple,who use the rest time,and to eat as slow as they can, to increase the anxious to return home of the winning party.And the winner of the gamble party,deliberately slowed down, in order to ending the gamble party as early as dawn coming.The fear of losing money to eat, afraid of dawn.It is said that Win afraid to eat,Losing afraid the dawn.

    For example take a flower and sit down means the people will win much;put a book under the  chair of banker to hope the one lose; the empty cans kicked to the banker house, so that the one have empty pockets;Or take the fly swatter under your feet and stepping on, it means sure win.

    Heavy Smoking intentionally to produce smoke, and will not extinguish the smoke, let it slowly burning one by one, in order to flourishing himself and troubled other party.

    In the game, deliberately spilled tea to wash away the bad luck,  have to attention that the spilled tea must towards their own ,and this method only can use once,or will against drowning himself.

    The user with this method has a worse grace, but sometimes the user will use this method unknowingly, such as who losing money, pretends angry and pats the table,have a shitface, in order to affect the mood of the other game players so that he can save his game.

When you alway in bad luck, you can also use cheating device to change it into good luck. When we play poker game, we can use poker analyzer to win the game and when we play mahjong, we can use cheating automatic mahjong talbe to cheat at mahjong. When you win some range, you can stop cheating and you will feel that good luck is coming to you. Good luck!


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