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AKK single operating poker analyzer Texas hold'em cheating
2013-06-15 14:01

    EYE AKK single operating poker analyzer is famous by its steady system and strong wireless signal. The analyzer suits for playing all kinds of poker games in the world and can help you to cheat the game better than any other kind of analyzer. It can match a lot of camera lens for you to choose. It has a lot of characters listing in the follow:

    1.No limit of location, the AKK analyzer can be operation only by the user and one AKK analyzer.

    2. No limit of light source, and no limited of the distance and interference.

    3. Automatic voice call tips, fast speed and clear.

    4. Small size high concealment, portable.

    5. Suitable for all parts of the country.

    6. It can be based on customer requirements to prepare various software programs.Effect of 100%.

    7.The appearance of Akk single analyzer is a mobile phone, visual operation, portability, easy to set up a number of game player.

    8.Akk single analyzer set by mobile phone battery, use more convenient.Just carry on a few battery, you will not worry about the blackout during the games.

    9.Akk single analyzer has some mobile phone function,like you can make a call,send text messages, listen to music, nobody can find any flaw exactly the same as the ordinary mobile phone.

   EYE AKK poker analyzer can help you to cheat at Texas hold'em, Omaha hold'em, Blackjack, Lowball, Showhand, Baccarat... The analyzer can tell you who will get the best poker hand and the second poker hand the third, the forth... You can also tell us your rules to custom the analyzer for yourself.

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