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Cheat at contract bridge poker cheating analyzer
2013-06-15 14:04

    Bridge is also widely played in Asia casino. The game is not so fun as Texas hold'em but very popular by old people. Most of the players are playing it in order to send their times, and others is in order to win the game to get money back.

    Modern bridge known as contract bridge, is composed of a called "whist" card game development. Compared with other games, the bridge has the outstanding characteristics of:

    1.The bridge is less fun, much luck with wisdom and win. During playing, to use a lot of mathematical knowledge, logic, calculation and memory capacity is very important in bridge.

    2.The bridge to improve interpersonal relationship and coordination ability, with good.It is not difficult to understand the "bridge" in the bridge of the important, play good bridge partner must be in close cooperation between, make concerted efforts, can achieve the goal of.

    3.The basic process of the bridge is similar to the process of signing the contract, the contract (contract) in English is "contract" means: bidding, bidding, both sides for a supply of sth., finally signed a contract by one party, then the party to complete the contract and make plans, while the other side is provided for the disorder, to prevent the complete plan.More pay for more work and minimize the loss principle in bridge reflects very well.

    4.Components of interest are inevitable, bridge to bridge luck, sometimes opponent will implement psychological tactics to you.If only a deck of cards, master also dare not go win beginners.In addition, the player after calculating and judging the precision, a senior game (such as input, squeeze etc.) completed a difficult contract, the kind of joy and excitement is self-evident.

    5.Of course, the bridge is an elegant, civilization game.Also known as the bridge is "silent war".

    We can cheat at contract bridge with our cheating device. We have analyzer for gamblers to cheat, and we also have card tricks by hand using normal poker cards. And contact lens with marked cards, monitor system with back marked cards and so on. You can send your cards here to process and if we have your cards, we can send the processed cards to you.

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