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The latest cheating contact lenses for back marked poker car
2013-06-15 14:09

     Cheating contact lenses were used in the poker cheating area for many years. I think that most of old gamblers are know that using cheating contact lenses to cheat at poker. When they wear the contact lenses, they can see the mark on the back of poker cards. This is suit for those the games need some cards face down. By knowing the poker face of the cards that face down, they can bet on it confidencely.

     Cheating contact lenses of EYE electronic is made of the latest technology, which is the best of the prespective product on the market today , it is added 50% compared to other similar contact lenses on watch poker. And the contact lenses of our company, what is high water content, high oxygen permeability of thin, can continue to wear more than 12 hours. Cheating contact lenses without lighting constraint, wear convenient, not dazzling, not friction, no foreign body sensation, high definition.In the ordinary days,to read newspapers, books, drive is ok.


     Cheating contact lenses can see the point and suit of each card from the opposite of cards. Selection of high quality ultra-thin lenses, wear in the eyes is safety and hidden , without any side effects. Our company's cheating contact lenses is not limited to light, meaning that can be used in any light,it will has good watch poker effect especially in a normal daylight and night incandescent lights.


     Cheating contact lenses, is the latest HD watch poker product. Cheating contact lenses of EYE electronic belongs to the senior poker products, comfortable wearing no foreign body sensation, use is also very convenient. Only need to wear white contact lenses, you can clearly know each poker or mahjong size figure and a point, when playing poker never wrong to play, play mahjong time never shot, greatly improving the poker's friends in the cards on the field.

     There are two colors of contact lenses, one is brown color and the other is yellow color. I think the brown color is well-known by public and most of the gamblers are using them now. But the yellow one is the latest one that few people know them. When you wear the brown color contact lens, you can not see the mark on back for yellow contact lens.

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