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Poker is an interesting game for Entertainment and cheating
2013-06-17 19:05

Poker is an interesting game in the world for human beings. Many people play poker game when they are free or have nothing to do to spend their time. And some of them play the poker game as their career to earn money. It is impossible that every one will win the game, and but that one may always lose money in the poker game.

Cards that everyone was very familiar with, even if there is no experience, also seen people play.So, we have thought of a question: why four suits of J, Q, K are the oldest foreign head, why not other animal, plant or special symbols.

On one hand, this situation with the poker is the birthplace of the nation, or the main characters. On the other hand, should is with 12 cards to represent what.Our popular French poker as an example.The three letters are the abbreviation of a King、Queen、Chamberlain.For a series of spade: Jogil is a spokesman for spade J, he is Charles Thi's valet; heart J is a attendants of Charles VII, Rahel; Diamond J is a valet of Charles Thi Challermann, Luodang; and the Club J is the famous Knight who calle lancelot in  the story of  king Arthur .

The Spades K is the king of Israel Solomon' father David; Heart K is king Charles Thi Frank, called Charleman.Diamond K Rome empire king Kaiser, his image is side face;Club K was the first to conquer the world Macedonian empire king Alexander.

The Spades Q is the goddess Pallas Asina in the ancient Greek mythology, is the only armed queen four queens in the picture;The Heart Q name is Judith, is the wife of Charles Oschaller;the Diamond Q called Queen Rachel, is Joseph's sister in the "Old Testament" ;the Club Q name is Kim, she holds a bouquet of roses, representing the UK with red, white rose is the symbol of the royal truce.

Poker is mostly accept by both young and old people, male and female. It is so interesting that although you play it all day long you will not feel boring. In casino, you can play Texas hold'em, Omaha hold'em, Blackjack, Bridge poker game, Low ball poker game, and so on. You can use our cheating device to cheat at poker game so that you will win the game easily. 


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