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Poker lovers and cheat at poker with gamblers
2013-06-17 19:08

    Poker is widely played in the world among people. Why poker game is so popular by people? We are not so hard to find that as the poker is intereting and good for their brain. Old people always play poker game or mahjong can let their life longer and keep the disease away.

    We believe that "Poker" these two words are not strange.Now it is the most popular entertainment , the coverage rate of poker can be said that from octogenarian to children at the age of seven or eight ;from the riches and honour、officer and trader to ordinary people ,everyone be fond of poker, even to a fever pitch, so that the medieval European emperor stipulated that peopleonly can  play poker on Sunday, or "playing poker villain" as today we  said "drink villain" is the same.From this we can see that the popularity of poker, according to some statistics,the people who playing poker are  far more than those who playing chess or mahjong.

    People so in love to poker, that where is the poker come from, who invented?The Italian said, Merch V did; Belgium said, as early as the 1379 A.D., they played poker; French said, poker was invented in 1392, a scholar invented in order to make the long illness of the French emperor Joritz Mars VI, relieve the loneliness and grief.In fact, the history of poker in Chinese was very long, the earliest can be traced back to the Han Dynasty, said Han Xin invented poker in order to let the soldiers solution homesickness .But the exact records is in the Tang Dynasty, "Cheng Ding lu" said: "Tang Lihe as the governor of Hezhou with a postitute Ye Maolian boat rides that 'leaves darma'".The original meaning of "Leaves" is one page in a volume."Leaf drama" cards is drawn with paper , and the pokers now are printed.At the time, this is called "leaves drama" cards did not spread to all people, only in some particular class of popular, especially among the clergy.In Tang Dynasty, cultural prosperity, the monks not only have a certain social status and prestige, life is not very hard, so free time have played the "leaf drama", and widely spreadly among monks.

    Later, people in the game process has been continually improved and updated, eventually forming today each pair of 54 pieces of 4 colors, each color 13, coupled with the size of the ghost of the two, a total of 54.We have reason to believe, the future will be more card type, content will be more wonderful.

    If you are young people, and you want to get the money from the gambling, you can use cheating device. But I think the cheating device is not suit for those old people playing poker game in order to spend time only. So make sure the cheating device is used in the right way. If so, you can win the game affirmatively.


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