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Luminous glasses and contact lenses for marked poker cards
2013-06-18 19:10

    Luminous glasses and lumuinous contact lenses are use in gambling cheating for back marked cards. We can not see the marks on the poker card by our nake eyes, but when wear the luminous glasses or luminous contact lenses, you can see the mark on back poker card which done by special ink clearly. It is singular and useful for you to cheat at poker card game.

    Let us have a look at Luminous licensing the production principle, Luminous card can bring us so much good of course, there are many surprising places. Let us fully understand the Luminous card. Luminous card to make full use of the benefits of later to win more money!

    This kind of mahjong is composed of multiple layers of material together, in the transparent layer and barrier layer sandwiched between layers of Ming special polarizer can, shape and popular mahjong without discrimination.Use only need to wear special polarized glasses can clearly see mahjong show negative patterns and points.Polarizer. We all know that light is in straight lines, this is the particle property of light; light wave is also to convey, the light stability, so the light is also known as the light.Wave oscillation with all corners of the country, a polarizer is applied the wavering light.

    Light principle to distinguish the Luminous card, Luminous matter is light, if there is no light conditions that it is impossible to see the card points, can be in the sun, day lighting, light can be.

    You can get these cheating device from us, and we would like to tell you how to use and cheat at the poker. We have the latest contact lenses for marked poker cards, that with old type of contact lenses, the mark can not be seen. If you would like to have a try, you could contact us.

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